Nathan Jeffery Ventures

I'm Nathan, AKA nuclearpengy, a product developer and business builder.

I started my first business when I was 12 and haven't stopped working since. I provide a range of management consulting, advisory services and investment in early stage businesses.


I want to make a meaningful contribution to the businesses I invest in, and help them become sustainable and profitable, so I view all of my investments as long term.

My team assists with the implementation of business systems and admin processes to streamline operations and compliance.

I primarily get involved in technology based startups with clear revenue models and long term potential.

My current portfolio includes:

MyEcommerce - Software Development Company, launched in July 2008.
Hlalani IQ - Construction Project Management SaaS, launched in August 2012.
Brown Jeffery Capital - Venture Capital Firm, launched in January 2017.

I'm also involved in a few stealth mode startups within the human resources, legal and social media spaces.


Debt Wise Solutions - Debt Counselling and Payment Processing SaaS, launched in February 2008, exited in May 2011.


I provide adhoc consulting and mentoring services to startups and corporates.

Some of my clients include:

MTO Group
Airton Timbers
Wixel Software Solutions
Alexander Forbes
InnoRuption Holdings


I publish musings, stories and the occassion rant, inspired by life as an entrepreneur on and

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